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The Self-Love Package with

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I want to love myself more.

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What is The Self-Love Package?

If you feel like you or your chart is hard to love or impossible to understand, this is the session for you.

We approach your astrology from a strengths-based perspective, acknowledging the challenges you have or have yet to overcome as well, sharing specific and practical ways to love and care for your own being in the ways that YOU personally need. Personal guide to keep yourself well, watered, loved, and fed. 

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Who is The self-Love Package for?

Anyone who finds themselves saying:

  • I want to be sweeter and kinder to myself.
  • I want to understand and see myself as a I would a dear friend.
  • I know my birth chart but I don’t like it or see what’s good about it.
  • I don’t know anything about my chart but I struggle to feel good about myself.
  • I tend to notice my negative traits more than my positive ones.
  • My self-care practice is non-existent or needs improvement.
  • I don’t understand myself.
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What's included in The Self-Love Package?

  • Emily will do about two hours of preparation prior to your first session analyzing your birth chart 
  • Lots of great info on how to care for your own personal “makeup” according to your birth chart
  • A more compassionate and helpful self-understanding
  • Practical advice you can immediately put into action
  • The insights from a mixed bag of tools including astrology, tarot, oracle readings, and intuitive claircognizant guidance from Emily
  • Acknowledgement of and empathy for what’s actually difficult (no spiritual bypassing here)
  • Custom suggestions for further work and study tailored to exactly what you’re working on
  • Ample conversational and Q+A time to make sure your needs are met
  • A thorough understanding of your strengths, challenges, and key purposes 
  • A recording of your sessions to keep forever! Many clients say they hear something new in it every time they listen and replay them for years for affirmation and guidance
  • Option for one 90 minute session or three 60 min session series

Choose the option that's best for you:

Questions About The Self-Love Package? Contact Emily.

ONE 90-Min Session


  • All your trickiest questions or concerns about your own chart answered
  • Comprehensive and customized self-care practices based on your chart

Three 60-Min Sessions


  • Comprehensive info on how to love yourself more and treat yourself better
  • Supportive strategies for how to make the most of your birth chart and life