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The On Purpose Package

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I want to live my life's purpose.

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What is The On Purpose Package?

Our life’s work is always present, never summed up by a single job, accomplishment, or achievement. We are perpetually living it and practicing it, in some form, and yet the more conscious we make it the greater satisfaction we can have in rising into destined success and greater service.

If you have wondered, “What’s my calling?” or “What should I be when I grow up?”, this session offers astrological insight to guide you on that path. It’s not about me telling you “what to be” but serving as a mirror for who you are, what you need, and what you are able to give.

Within that framework, you’ll be able to work smarter, happier, and faster toward the place in the universe that feels exactly right for who you came here to be. 

This can also be combined with coaching through UPLEVEL to support you in moving toward your purpose. Inquire during your session if you’re interested in this. 

Contact Emily with Questions about this Reading Package

Who is The On Purpose Package for?

Anyone who finds themselves saying:

  • I want to feel more directed. 
  • I get confused about which direction to go in my life.
  • I feel like I know my purpose and I’m curious what the astrological perspective on it is.
  • I want to talk about my aspirations and dreams with someone who sees me and encourages me.
  • I want to live my truth.
  • I’m ready to do what I came here to do.
  • I want to explore where my gifts meet the world’s needs.
Contact Emily with Questions about this Reading Package

What's included in The On Purpose Package?

  • Emily will do about two hours of preparation prior to your session analyzing your birth chart 
  • A thorough understanding of how your most sacred desires, talents, and purposes connect with your public work and image
  • Suggested pathways to and opportunities for success 
  • Career suggestions that are aligned with your energy (these are always a range of compatible things and not just one particular job or role that you’re locked into)
  • Custom suggestions for further work and study tailored to exactly what you’re working on
  • Ample conversational and Q+A time to make sure your needs are met
  • A thorough understanding of your strengths, challenges, and key purposes 
  • A recording of your sessions to keep forever! Many clients say they hear something new in it every time they listen and replay them for years for affirmation and guidance

One Payment, One Session. More Purpose. 

Questions About The On Purpose Package? Contact Emily.

One Payment

$222/90 min

  • A comprehensive understanding of your talents, strengths, and challenges
  • A selection of your ideal career and life path choices explained and discussed in-depth