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The Guided Package


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I need clarity. I want direction.

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What is The Guided Package?

GUIDED gives you access to my  intuitive counsel and mixed bag of tools on an ongoing basis. 

Our dreams bloom best with sustained guidance, love, and support. We can’t do it all alone. This is where we walk the path together.

Packages of six hour-long sessions that can be used monthly, every other month, or every other week if you are in a period of rapid growth. 

In the first reading, you’ll receive a complimentary half hour added onto your session, enabling us to go more in-depth, then receive a discount on all subsequent sessions as part of you GUIDED package.

The BEST and more affordable way to work with me, know yourself better than you ever have, and meet your goals!

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Who is The Guided Package for?

  • You take your life seriously and are dedicated to your path
  • You feel solid in where you’re headed and want to make sure you stay on course
  • You don’t know exactly how you plan to move forward and want help figuring it out as you go
  • You want to enhance your connection to your own intuition 
  • You’re ready for significant change in your life
Contact Emily with Questions about this Reading Package

What's included in The Guided Package?

  • Emily will do about two hours of preparation analyzing your birth chart before your first session
  • An extended first reading that you can use to go extra in-depth in any part of your life you choose
  • Ample conversational and Q+A time to learn exactly what you want to understand
  • A thorough understanding of your strengths, challenges, and key purposes in this lifetime
  • A recording of your sessions to keep forever! Many clients say they hear something new in it every time they listen and replay it for years for affirmation and guidance
  • Monthly readings that offer new information, insight, and clarity
  • The insights from a mixed bag of tools including astrology, tarot, oracle readings, and intuitive claircognizant guidance from Emily
  • A stronger connection to the divine and to your own awareness
  • Each session includes: both astrological counsel and intuitive guidance. 

Choose the option that's best for you:

Questions About The Guided Package? Contact Emily.



for 12 Sessions

  • 50% off
  • 12 Sessions

Great Value!


for 6 Sessions

  • 40% off
  • 6 Sessions
  • 2 payments of $399 or 3 payments of $299 (See below)

6 Sessions/2 pmts of $399


6 Sessions

  • 6 Sessions
  • Flexible Scheduling
BUY NOW/ 2 PMTS $399

6 Sessions/3 pmts of $299


6 Sessions

  • 6 Sessions
  • Flexible Scheduling
BUY NOW/ 3 PMTS $299

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