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The Foundation Package


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I want self-knowledge.

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What is The Foundation Package?

Foundation is a thorough reading of your birth chart and current transits in Emily’s signature style which combines big picture perspective and immediate actionable advice.

The birth chart is a snapshot of the positions of the planets in our solar system, Sun, Moon, and a few other important markers at the moment you were born.

You emerged into the universe in this incarnation as a piece of a great whole. Astrology helps contextualize your birth, your life, and your being.

You will “learn yourself” from another perspective that millions of people over thousands of years (western astrology is about 2000 years old, other traditions are even older) have found illuminating, affirming, healing, and helpful. 

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Who is The Foundation Package for?

  • You’re brand new to astrology and want to know what your birth chart is and what it means.
  • You have astrology experience and would love to see your chart in a new light (Always a great idea! Every practitioner has something unique to offer.)
  • You want to get grounded in who you are from an astrological perspective before or in conjunction with other offerings and programs 
Contact Emily with Questions about this Reading Package

What's included in The Foundation Package?

  • Emily will do about two hours of preparation analyzing your birth chart before your session
  • Ample conversational and Q+A time to ensure you get the most out of your reading
  • A thorough understanding of your strengths, challenges, and key purposes in this lifetime
  • A recording of your session to keep forever! Many clients say they hear something new in it every time they listen and replay it for years for affirmation and guidance. Please note, recordings are a bonus. In the rare event technology should fail, the recording would not be available. Please always check your spam folder for the recording after the session.

Choose the option that's best for you:

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$250/90 min

Top features

  • In-Depth Assessment + Consultation 
  • Added time to go more in-depth on a key life area such as love, career, or future timing questions


$175/60 min

Top features

  • In-Depth Assessment + Consultation 
  • Q+A covering anything and everything you've been wanting to know about your astrology