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Cosmic Coven is a direct connection to the cosmos. Astrology is complex and sometimes you just want clear answers. Cosmic Coven provides the insight, a-ha moments, and supreme empowerment of understanding what's up in the cosmos, in advance.

✔︎ Daily Astro Forecasts

✔︎ New Moon + Full Moon Horoscopes

✔︎ Guided Magic + Ritual

✔︎ Journal Questions

✔︎ Tarot spreads

✔︎ Self-care practices

✔︎ Audio Meditations + Pep Talks


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Here's what current subscribers are saying about Cosmic Coven:

An incredible service

Having this level of wisdom and intuition pop into your inbox each day is a tremendous gift that you will not regret. The writing style is straightforward and accessible and honest, while giving what could be complicated and sometimes conflicting (thanks, universe!) information - and then parsing what that actually MEANS in a day-to-day way. Sometimes there are videos, sometimes there's just a brief paragraph, sometimes there is a longer explanation with really helpful context, but all of it is so valuable. And videos! I can't recommend this enough. The journal prompts are so thoughtful, and even though I am TERRIBLE at following through with them, they do make me sit and think about what my response would be, which is usually pretty illuminating in and of itself. Highly, highly recommend.

— Mary Gauger

Absolutely Amazing Program!

There is so much content - from daily videos to emails to journal prompts. It's really helping me streamline my life as we go into 2020 and helping me get clear on my goals and how the astro can support or deter them. Emily is so knowledgeable and personable - a pleasure to watch on video and her emails provide wonderful insights into what is happening. It is worth way more than what she is charging for it. A Must Have for 2020 planning!

— Tara V

Boss Witch 

Helps so much in clarifying life moves

— Noelle Bailey

Truly beyond - a must if you want to know more about astrology

The work and dedication Emily puts into this is something that is incredibly valuable and rare. The Boss Witch subscription offers an in depth look that allows a novice to become more familiar with astrology and rituals. The work greatly improved my life - especially through this scorpio retrograde.

— Olivia Edwards

Love it!

Love the detailed monthly and lunar readings. Really resonated with me.

— MM

Practical and magical

Purchasing a subscription to Emily’s work has been incredibly nourishing and transformative. It’s the secret coven and guidance I wish I had as a teenager! Her rituals are deeply grounding and so accessible, and have become a central part of my routines and grounding practices that are imperative to my health and happiness.An important factor for me is that her teachings are honest and empathetic, never falling prey to spiritual bypassing and lovingly reminding us to pay attention to discipline, accountability and boundaries; our own, those of others and those of the universe. I urge anyone looking to put themselves and their life into better alignment with each other, and to have effective direction in achieving their goals to invest in Emily’s lovingly crafted products-which have taken tremendous time, knowledge, effort and investment to create. The favour will be repaid immensely.

— Hilary Hutchinson


Getting the Boss Witch Cosmic Coven membership has been an awesome decision! Her horoscopes have been spot on, the daily guidance complements my own readings perfectly, and her weekly magic guides have made my own practice more thoughtful and more in sync with my mundane life. Cannot recommend enough!

— Christy Tomecek


Very informative and intuitive!! Love her services !!

— Britney Jackson

Excellent set of support tools

Really love what Emily has created here. There's a wealth of tools to make use of at any point of the month, and with whatever frequency works for you - daily, weekly, monthly, sporadically. I can see this membership being great for people with diverse types of needs and levels of astrology knowledge!

— Florencia Manovil 

An incredible resource

The Cosmic Coven is extremely detailed and worth every penny. I’ve really enjoyed my membership and recommend The Voluptuous Witch to many of my friends.

— Brie White

Love the daily horoscopes

helps me make sense of a lot of things

— Daniela Tolmos

Creative, thoughtful and honest content

I love the boss witch membership as a place to go to for guidance, support and most of all creative inspiration. The daily, weekly, monthly layers of content make it easy to integrate into and enhance my routine not to mention super affordable on a budget. Couldn't recommend highly enough the quality and quantity. So happy to be a part of this online community.

— Naomi McFarlane

 (not-so-)subtle empowerment

In the second month of my subscription I am grateful to have this side companion. In a format apt to allowing me to choose when and how to read information(so I can be conscious of what psychological niece it fills in me), the information is detailed and powerful but balanced. All of this is important, because it touches subtle rhythms: the line between using this tool for empowerment and following it from a place of disempowerment is thin. Boss witch encourages the former - and the daily tasks and cosmic guides are perfectly structured and well written! I was able to clean myself of a lot of useless thought. In fact, I entered a symbiotic relationship with this information so quickly that I am overlooking how healthy it was for my system!

— Marco Aurelio Di Giorgio

 Willow for Emily

Your horoscopes have already helped me organize myself and as a person diagnosed with "adhd" i appreciate that a lot. Cheaper than pills and therapy. 😝

— Willow Jardee

Powerful Girl

The best insight and content EVER to stay on top of my spiritual Journey !!!! The Voluptuous Witch is the best for creating a great insight on everyday life ! My life and days are getting much better and I’m totally understanding who I am and how to attack the world using my powers and my intuition ! Each day has been pleasant using my daily calendar and lessons from her ! Please please guys subscribe and sign up YOU need this knowledge to take on a productive day and master your spiritual journey ! This was the BEST investment EVER ! Thank you

— Sarah Fogler

Boss Witches, rejoice!

I have been a fan of The Voluptuous Witch for a few years, so I was SO EXCITED when she began the Cosmic Coven! I love the audio horoscopes and ritual guides. This is fantastic content.

— Julia Loken

Boss Witch is my self care!!

Not only does Boss Witch cover daily astrology, the journaling prompts help with self discovery and enlightenment. I have manifested many dreams and it helped me focus on my physical and spiritual goals!!  *Even when the astro is tough, Emily puts a positive light on it, which really helps my Pisces Moon lol

— Kim Norman

Love it!

Emily’s expertise is very evident. I love how she articulates all of the information in such a way that allows you to easily understand and follow. I also really like that she has audio, text and webinars as tools. Highly recommend to anyone that wants to really take hold of all the knowledge and opportunities their life has to offer their beautiful soul. 

— Erica Yankovich

Boss Witch

The guidance received in Boss Witch is so spot on and relevant I don't know what I would do without it! Emily is a fantastic astrologer and intuitive.

— Lisa Garcia

Life affirming brilliance

I’m absolutely loving being a Boss Witch. Every time I let the horoscopes inform my actions, something amazing comes of it. I think Emily is a talented creator who has brought so much joy to my life! ❤️

— Ruby Duigan


I love this membership!

— Lucy Cockrum

Emily is the boss

I’m loving every second of boss witch and going all in! Doing her beautiful tips for each Astro day! The baths the cleanses the lamps and lights it’s exotic! Love you 💖

— Sneha Trikha

Love this, keep it coming!

Can’t get enough. Thank you for the helpful advice! It feels like having a well-versed friend guide you through all the ups and downs and confusions!

— Abigail Rutherford

This is everything

It is so good to have the recordings and all the events explained in a way that makes it tangible and understandable for those who feel the astrological events but don't understand them on their own. Thank you Voluptuous Witch!

— Bara Cerna


I’ve been a subscriber of the Boss Witch since it’s launch and it has been so helpful! This month in particular has left me feeling prepared to take on some of the toughest astrology of the year and feel confident in my self-growth! Thank you!!

— Aden Drolsum

Cosmic Coven-Boss Witch Level

I can’t even imagine the amount of time and work and painstaking detail that The Voluptuous Witch pours into this subscription, the content is really amazing. I especially appreciate the daily posts which have helped to walk me through some personally sticky astrology.

— Jennifer Gabrish

Best. Guide. Ever.

— Tallulah Pate


Boss Witch provides so much juicy guidance, wisdom and insight to help unpack each cosmic day. Could not believe how much content there was and how extremely valuable it is! So grateful I became a member :)

— Jaz McMahon


I just joined Boss Witch and it is absolutely amazing! It comes with an excellent amount of information about the monthly Astro! It has been SO HELPFUL to me this past month and I’m feeling more relaxed an confident about the upcoming retrograde and wild Astro weather! Thank you so much Emily for providing this service to us. You are so very much appreciated! Lots of love!

— Natasia Spaniol

Love it

Super useful content. I appreciate the work put into the guides and audio. Very well-done. 🙏🏾

— Indigo Darling 

So Boss Witch

Everything is great - thank you! I personally lack a little (a lot) in the taroc department, so it's not always I can put that to use - but I want to:)

— Karen Andersen

Intentional Living

I’m so grateful for the Boss Witch subscription. It has helped me live more intentionally. With greater understanding of myself and the energy at play I’m able to make wiser decisions and have a better outlook on life. It has been nothing short of amazing to have access to this content and live accordingly. It is a staple in my daily routine.

— Cari Murphy

Beyond my expecations

I'd been following Voluptuous Witch on Instagram for several months before I finally ordered the Jupiter in Sag guide at the end of last year, and I was blown away by the insights and how accurate these thoughtful predictions were. That's why I was so excited to join Boss Witch, and my expectations have been so surpassed. I leave these audio and written horoscopes feeling confident, centered, and ready to embrace the changes heading my way. I'm so grateful for the work Voluptuous Witch does!

— Jordan Henry

Birthday Month

Great insight this month! Perfect for my birthday and focusing on myself!

— Alisa Foster

Loving it

Finding this subscription strangely accurate and useful!! Big fan

— Natasha Vinik

Living my best Boss Witch Dreamzzz

I decided to treat myself and subscribe to the Boss Witch coven and I’m soooo glad I did!!! I am LIVING for all the juicy daily, Full Moon & new moon Astro insights! I’m especially loving the Cosmic Guide journal questions and magical practices!

— Anayvette Martinez

Very helpful

First of all, I love the audio horoscopes in addition to the daily written posts. Also, the journal prompts & spell tips are very helpful & intentional. Lastly -I LOVE the Lilith guide included in the month of May & I def recommend it to everyone!

— Sela

Excellent service- I love it!

I love the voluptuous witch’s package, it’s so insightful and uplifting (even with tough love topics!). She shows you how to navigate choppy Astro waters smoothly and makes sure gratitude and positive energy is noticeable throughout the service.  I wish it was easier to access though. I always get to my package through my email confirmation link. A homepage with login would be super helpful :) 

 — Emily Chi 

Great subscription

I really enjoyed Voluptuous witch retrograde guides and her Instagram posts. The cosmic coven is a lot of fun too. I'm really enjoying the guidence.

— Olga Makshanova


Soy Española, y me encanta porque aprendo mucho de astrologia que es una mis pasiones y ademas practico ingles! Thanks for brighing the light ✨ 

 — Ana Marin

Boss Witch membership

My subscription hasn’t even officially started yet and I’ve already been blessed with so much crucial & inspiring information! Based off my previous purchases (they all are extremely worthwhile and I recommend getting all that apply to you) I am confident and exciting for this new subscription service!!! highly recommend

— Minka Ashley

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